Friday, 13 April 2007

Friday 13th - 3 lambs

Missy was not due until the 14th, the plan being to put her in a lambing pen today, but when we went to feed Dougal at 06.30, Missy was showing possible signs of giving birth, stretching and staring skywards.

Coming back from walking the dogs with the idea of moving Missy into the barn it was apparent that she was about to give birth in the corner of the field. So we fed the rest of the sheep, by which time the first lamb had been born and the 2nd was on it's way. Five minutes later Missy had her 2nd lamb, both ewe lambs. As the morning was fine and warm we decided to leave them out in the field to enjoy the sun.

Feeding up in the evening we noticed one of the ewes pacing up and down the fence line, at first glance we thought it was Allium and one of her lambs had got stuck in the hedge. But it was Ariadne, she'd given birth to a tup lamb 2 days early. He's a strong young lamb.

So they say that Friday the 13th is unlucky, but we've had a good day. 3 good strong lambs.


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