Monday, 23 April 2007

Lambing has finished

With lambing now over it seemed a bit strange this weekend with no ewes waiting to give birth. We decided on Saturday morning to let the final 3 mums out with their respective lambs and dismantle all but one of the lambing pens to give the ewes more space to get at the hay and feed. So life should get a little less hectic for us, though the feeding of Dougal lamb will continue for a few months yet.

On Sunday "Dave the Fencer" came to put up some new fencing in the top paddock. He cut back the hedge to the original fence line and we gained approx a metre of grazing. We will chain harrow and fertilise this paddock before putting any livestock in over the next week.

With the weather changing back to something like it should be for April, showers and cool winds. Working in the barn is much more preferable to working outside. To that end we attacked a whole load of wood that needed chopping into kindling for our 2 wood burning stoves.
Tim got the door made for the wood store and the windows finished just as the first swallows arrived, so they will have to nest in the barn as opposed to the old workshop, wood store and garage, which have all been re-roofed, where they used to nest. They have arrived a good 2 weeks earlier than last year.

Another post next Sunday, where we are set to have a hectic weekend


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