Sunday, 8 April 2007

Friday 7th April, 3 lambs and a visit from the vet

The first ewe to give birth on Friday was Astrid, she had a tup lamb, but she didn't cleanse her afterbirth as quickly as she should have, so we called the vet. There should be no problems, and the vet gave her an injection on long lasting antibiotics, which we will repeat in a couple of days time.
The second ewe to give birth was Brazil, she has produced 2 lovely little ewe lambs with some very unusual markings. These ewe lambs are the first of the pedigrees to be born, so we will have to think up two names for them, starting with the letter "D".

If the weather holds, we will be letting these new lambs out into the fields in a couple of days, including Dougal, who is now going through 1 1/2 litres of milk a day. His mother, Anya, comes into the barn at night and lays down by the side of his pen, so we are hopeful that she will keep an eye on him once he's out in the fields.

Next ewe to give birth is Brigid on Wednesday


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