Sunday, 4 March 2007

Sunday 4th March 2007

It's been a hectic weekend again, as always on a smallholding. When we first moved here and as a way of getting to know the area, we decided to deliver telephone books. It's surprising who and what you meet!! Anyway that was what we were doing on Saturday. It was a really sunny day and a real pleasure to be out. It wind dried out our land nicely.

Sunday, Denise spent attempting to plant the remaining 100+ hedging plants that were left over from last weekend, when we planted a 100m of hedging, each plant 6" apart. The surplus plants have been used to create a hedge along the edge of an area of trees, can't call it a wood, only contains about 20 conifers, and to fill in the hedge we laid last month. Tim cut back part of a windbreak hedge of conifers that have got greatly out of hand. But the weather turned nasty just before lunch so rain stopped play, so to say. So we spent the next couple of hours, splitting wood for our 2 wood burning stoves. It becomes a weekly job through the winter. We try during the summer to get the wood cut and ready, but last summer the builders were re-roofing the wood store, garage and old feed store, so we were unable to get ahead of our selves, maybe this year we will do.

So what does the coming week bring - well if it doesn't stop raining the animals will not move out of their respective shelters, so it will mean the hay feeders will have to be kept topped up daily, rather than as and when required, and rather than topping up the straw for their bedding on a weekend, it will more than likely want doing mid week, If the weather is fine, Tim will finish off cutting the conifer hedge, and Denise has an early trip to London (work related).

Will post again next weekend


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