Sunday, 25 March 2007

Sunday 25th March 2007

The threatened bad weather finally arrived on Wednesday, we woke up to 2" of snow. It was an "interesting" drive to the station for Denise as the snow plough has not been out on the roads. But she made it in time to catch the train to work. By the evening the snow had gone, though there were a couple of cars on their roofs by the side of the road. The snow has made our land nice and sticky again!!!!!

This weekend has been a very busy one. We had to move the remaining hay and straw out of the barn as we need the space for the lambing pens. We moved 100 bales of hay and 30 bales of straw, twice, onto the trailer then off the trailer onto pallets in the main barn. Tim also laid 92 blocks to repair a bay of the barn where the diesel tank is going. No wonder he aches!!!

The lambing pens are now in place, strawed and ready for action, so to speak. We don't have our sheep scanned to see how many lambs they are having. So we've had decided to have a guess as to how many lambs our ewes are having, taking into account their past lambing history. I'll list them next weekend and we will see how accurate we were.

A sad part of the weekend, was on Saturday night finding Robocat, one of our barn cats and amazing catcher of vermin, dead on top of the hay stack. He looked as if he was asleep, and so peaceful. Our other barn cat, Garyling is a little lost without her mate. We didn't know his age as he was left by the previous owners, so we can only guess. All we know is he had a happy life with us. We will have to watch Grayling carefully over the coming weeks. We buried him in the woodland, under a crab apple tree we bought. He loved being in there, sunbathing.

Hopefully this week will be quiet so that we can adjust to the clocks going forward, I know the clock ways it's 07.00 but the dogs 7 sheep are telling us it's 06.00 and we should be up walking the dogs and feeding the sheep.

That's all for this week's post. Next weekend not only do we start lambing, the nephews arrive!!!!


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