Sunday, 11 March 2007

Sunday 11th March 2007

Well at long last we have had a fine week, the land is now starting to dry out. We've started to put into the ewe's water a natural spray that will ease their labour. We've used it for the last 3 years and, touch wood, we've had very few problems. Only 3 weeks to go until we start lambing.

Today we spent a great day with some smallholder friends who live in Teeside, they breed Teeswater sheep and have short horn cattle, kept in the traditional way. We thought our land was steep, but having walked Richard and Steph's 16 acres, we won't complain again. But we are very jealous of their dry land. It was good to spend time talking about livestock as smallholders, the problems, pleasures and new plans we all have. We will all meet up again at Stokesley Show in September with our animals, spinning wheels and weaving looms.

Another success this weekend was getting Holly, our rescue dog, to the vets for her yearly injections, without her being sick in the car!!!! We've got her ear infection finally cleared up. Tim did make the other owners in the vet's laugh with Deefa. Who cried whilst Holly was in the examination room. He wanted Deefa to "sit" and the command "sit" didn't work, Tim resorted to "park your bum Deefa!" and Deefa sat instantly. We stopped off at Sandsend so that Holly and Deefa could have a good run on the beech as a treat for being so good. They both really enjoyed themselves.

Next week a lot of work should get done, Tim is having a week's break from the cafe and the Resident Vandal is coming to stay along with Keira Dog. The plan is to build a plinth for the tank to hold the fuel for the tractors and dry line the fleece store. Read next week to see how much gets done.


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