Saturday, 31 March 2007

Saturday 31st March

Not really a lot to report this week, just waiting for lambing to start.
Tim finished the brickwork so that he could position the diesel tank.
The nephews arrived today, full of beans and lots of energy. By Thursday they and the dogs will be exhausted.

As promised here is the list of due dates for our ewes with the number of lambs we think they are going to have.

1st April - Abbi (Twins)
2nd April - Anya (Twins), Allium (Twins)
4th April - Lilly (Twins)
6th April - Brazil (Twins)
7th April - Astrid (Twins)
11th April - Brigid (single)
13th April - Missy (Twins)
15th April - Ariadne (Twins)
16th April - Lucy (single), Lotty (Twins), Bearniece (single), Amber (Twins)
18th April - Layla (Twins)
20th April - Amy (Twins), Amber (Twins)

I'll post as the lambs are born.


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