Sunday, 18 March 2007

Sunday 18th March

At long last we have had a fine week and the land has dried up really well and it has meant that Tim and the Resident Vandal have been able to get on with building the base for the fuel tank and the start of the footings to repair part of the barn side.

They also had a couple of abortive trips to B&Q due to a rock breaker being defective. Thankfully Screwfix direct came to the rescue.

The ewes are looking well and with only 2 weeks to go to lambing, they are starting to bag up well. One Lily, who is not supposed to be due for at least another month, looks like she has only a couple of weeks to go. When we looked at the "raddle" dates, she is showing 2 dates, we think she has held from the first date and is due on the 6th April and not the 24th. We will watch her very closely

Talking about the weather, we woke up this morning to no electricity. Thankfully we have a generator and an Aga, so we have light and warmth. The power lines were down due to the high winds, and we also had some snow storms. The forecast for the rest of the week is not good. Snow until at least Wednesday. We could be lambing in snow drifts if we are not careful. So for the coming week we will be riding out the bad weather, ensuring the animals have plenty of hay to eat in their shelters.

More next week as we move nearer to lambing. We will have to start getting the lambing pens ready

Denise Newey

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