Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Garden

Last weekend friends and family came to look at the house and garden, and as it rained we were able to fit all 21 people in our lounge! It was good to see everyone and now they have been, we can start and make the house and garden our own. We have discovered that the whole house needs rewiring, we knew the wiring wanted looking at but it is a bigger job than we thought. We await the electrician's quotes.We can now start working on the garden, which is approx 60ft wide and 80ft long .
Looking from the bottom of the garden back to the house and showing one of the circular boarders who's centre piece is a large magnolia. The boarder against the fence also has several large specimen shrubs, which we are not sure what we are going to do with them.
This part of the boarder is to be cleared of it's flowers and transformed into my veg plot. Against the trellis I'm hoping to plant a couple of espalier fruit trees.
The opposite boarder is to be cleared and this is where, hopefully, my hens will live
These large conifers are to be removed as they take up so much space and you can plant nothing near them.
There are, for some reason, 4 conifers, that have been cut small and square, just at the back of the house. These have now been cleared of their branches, we just have to dig out the roots and once that is done, these little boarders will be ideal for small herb gardens, being outsidethe kitchen door.
This is another view of the boarder where, once cleared my chickens will live, and it gives you an idea of how long the garden is. As you can see there is plenty of work to keep us out of mischief.
I have to get on with some dying next week as I'm off to a fibre event on Sunday. Hopefully more about this next week

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Anonymous said...

Hi Denise, pleased to see that you have settled into your new home, loads of potential in that new garden! Wishing you every happiness there. Jon