Tuesday, 14 August 2012


This event was arranged in secret by Amber Moggy, for her husband, Mr Mog, to celebrate his 60th birthday, and I was one of the few stallholders asked to attend with specific instructions to bring my rainbow dyed alpaca tops, which, thanks to the house move, I'd not had time to dye some more, so I set about and dyed a couple of kilos last week in readiness for Sunday.
It was an early start in order to get to Ulveston in time to set up before Mr Mog arrived at 10am. He'd been told he was going to a craft fair, but when he parked his car in the car park, he recognised a couple of dogs in a car, and wondered why they were there and when he saw the Mogfest banner outside the hall, suspected something was up. He was pretty stunned when walked in and saw us all there, and I don't think he stopped smiling all day. His very own Fibre Festival with all his favourite stallholders.
Sometimes life is good.
And here is Mr Mog's birthday cake.
Happy Birthday Mr Mog and many more of them.

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Freyalyn Close-Hainsworth said...

And Bil and Lunil are not the slightest bit ashamed for giving the game away...