Monday, 16 April 2012

Hobbits and Rheged Craft Market

Thankfully the weather, whilst the Hobbits were here was more fine than wet, and with lambing over before they arrived we were able to go out and about a bit more. One place we visited was Kirkleatham museum, it's a small museum, with lots of rooms, but not drab, light and airy with something for everyone. In the grounds is an Owlry, which just had to be visited, especially as vultures were listed as one of the breeds of birds you could see!
I was booked to give a talk to one of my local WI's to which the Hobbits were "my beautiful assistants" handing out the samples of different fibres I talk about. They were rewarded by glasses of orange juice and biscuits, chocolate ones at that!
As I was booked to attend Rheged Craft Market on Sunday, the Hobbits "helped" me pack the fibre I was taking. Eldest Hobbit had a clipboard with a list of all the fibre I was taking, youngest Hobbit and I packed the bags. This worked well and the job was over and done in just over an hour! On Friday morning the bags were packed into the Bongo and it quickly became apparent that for Wonderwool in Wales, I will have to use a trailer to carry all the fibre I will be taking.
As the Hobbits left on Saturday morning, I left for Penrith and the campsite I was booked into for Saturday night in readiness for Rheged on the Sunday morning.
It took me a little time to find the correct campsite I was booked into, but once I was all set up and ready to cook my tea, discovered that I had no gas!!! So it was a quick walk to the local pub for tea, and thankfully I'd brought some snacks and fruit, so I would be able to have some breakfast, if not a cup of tea. (Once we got home the problem was found to be a loose gas regulator, which meant no gas was coming out of the gas bottle).
Once set up at Rheged, bacon butties and a cup of coffee were served to the stallholders, and in my case, most welcome.
I have to say that the jury is out as to whether this was a good market or not. If this had been a market local to me, I would have been pleased with my takings, but having a 200+ mile round trip and an overnight stay on a campsite, I was hoping to take twice as much as I did. But on the positive side, I saw lots of friends, was a good test run out in the Bongo, and I had better weather than at home, beautiful sunshine, whereas at home it was snowing!!
Now just to get ready for Wonderwool next weekend.

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