Sunday, 8 April 2012

It's been an interesting week......

We finally finished lambing on Monday, the pet lambs have taken to the milk bucket, so that means no late nights with bottles. Just put the milk in the bucket and the lambs are set for the night.
Then the bad weather hit, we've had snow, rain and 70mph winds. Thankfully the lambing barn is big enough to take all the ewes with their lambs and so they spent a couple of days in the warm and dry. Though I don't think the ewes appreciated it as much as the lambs did, because this year's crop of lambs, for some reason, have taken to using their mums as a spring board!

And finally over the weekend we have had a firm offer from a couple to buy our smallholding, so next week we will be negotiating for the house we want to buy. How slowly or quickly we will be moving I've no idea, and packing the house up will not be a problem, it's all the other stuff associated with the smallholding that needs to be sorted out and sold that is going to take the time. But we'll get there in the end we always do. The one thing I won't be doing this year is growing any veg which will seem strange. I'm going to clear the rest of the deep beds and then cover them with compost, which hopefully will keep the weeds down. But for now I just need to get myself ready for tomorrow's arrival of the Hobbits!!

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Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

It's all the 'other stuff' that takes the sorting out isn't it! We are just about to start lambing the blackies, all the pet sheep have lambed ok, but I suspect that was the calm before the storm!

Good luck on the house purchase.