Monday, 25 July 2011

A tough decision

On Wednesday we decided to worm the male lambs as some had mucky back ends. When we brought them into the barn, we had to carry 2 of the lambs (Poorly Boy and Hobbit) into the barn as they were down on their feet, and as they were so poorly we put them into a pen. We also gave them a dose of antibiotics, some medication for grass staggers as well as a drink of glucose. The two lambs seemed to pick up and we were very hopeful for their recovery, but on Friday morning they were both very poorly yet again. Hobbit was grinding his teeth, a sure sign he was in pain and Poorly Boy could not even get to his back legs, let alone this front ones. So we decided to call in the knackerman, and by the time he arrived a couple of hours later, Hobbit was already dead and Poorly Boy was unconscious, so the knackerman put him out of his misery. A tough decision, but a necessary one.

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Freyalyn said...

Oh dear, what a horrible thing to happen. Hope everyone else is OK.