Sunday, 17 July 2011

Great Escapes

This week has been the week of "The Great Escapes". It started on Wednesday morning, when I went out to do the morning feed to discover next doors' cattle in the field with Ghilli, Gromment and Gus, who were not best pleased! The cattle had broken through some fencing, and our neighbours were out for the day at the Great Yorkshire Show. Thankfully, Pete, a local farmer, came and gave us a hand to move them all back and put up some electric fencing to keep them where they should be. Tim then repaired the broken fencing.
On Thursday, one of the Cream Legbar chicks, decided to get out of the brooder and walk around on the lid. As I was at work, Tim had to catch the chick and put it back into the brooder, which was not what he wanted to do especially as we had a someone coming to look around our smallholding which we are selling.
Then today, when we were on our morning dog walk, we saw some young cattle on the common land, much to our surprise, and Brenda as the cattle should have been in the field at the front of her house. They had also taken out a long run of her fencing. We shall find out tomorrow morning if the cattle are back in their original field!!!!

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