Sunday, 17 July 2011


We have decided, for a number of reasons, to put our smallholding up for sale. It's been for sale now for about a month and we've had lots of viewings, and things are looking very positive.
As a consequence, all of our sheep are for sale and today we had someone come and look at the Teeswater Ewes and ewe lambs. They have bought all of them, so tonight we are 9 sheep less and I'm glad they have all gone to one home.
Ghilli & Grommet, our 2 alpacas, are going to live at my friend, Jayne's smallholding. Ghilli & Grommet were the one's I was most worried about, as to what was going to happen to them and when Jayne offered them a home, it was a great load off my mind.
Now we just wait until we start having to pack up and move.

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Jeff and Sheila said...

Good luck for the future Denise.