Monday, 7 February 2011

Alpaca Shearer wanted......... Again!!!!

I thought I'd got the problem of a regular alpaca shearer sorted out last year when I managed to find a shearer who came over from Lincolnshire and added us to his run. Well he rang this weekend to say that due to work commitments he would not be doing any long distance alpaca shearing. I'm glad that he rang me earlier than later as I've now got some time to try and find another shearer.
I know that only having 2 alpacas means that I have to fit in with a shearer's schedule, which I don't mind. But what I really hate is when a shearer promises to call, doesn't and hasn't got the manners to ring and say they are not calling.
So I will have to get back in touch with the British Alpaca Society for their list of shearers and hope, against all hope, that I can find a good, reliable Alpaca shearer! I'm not holding my breath!
Any recommendations greatly accepted.


Suzanne@ Panteg Alpacas said...

Sorry your shearer has let you down . We use Mike Banks company ' Shearco' , they are great shearers , even if their time scales differ slightly from mine - but well worth the wait in my view.

Anonymous said...

Just be grateful you don't have to rely on a farrier!