Sunday, 12 December 2010

Two lots of good news

The first is that I've at last got a part time job, and as with all of these things, on Wednesday I was offered 2 jobs. Both same hours, same rates of pay and the same distance from home, all be it in opposite directions. I decided to take the one with Tees Components, as this was the one that I would have been most disappointed if I didn't get it. I start on Tuesday. Tim will now be able to catch up on his afternoon day time T.V viewing! I think not, those that know Tim will know how much he hates day time T.V.
The second is that there has been a massive thaw over the last couple of days. The only down side is that where the snow is compacted, it is now very dangerous to walk on and yesterday getting the truck out to go to Saltburn Farmer's Market, Tim very nearly hit the gatepost as the truck went slip, sliding towards the gate.
So today Tim and I have spent the day digging the track of snow and ice. We were able to use the tractor to pick up some of the snow, but where the ice was compacted we had to use a pick and spades, putting the snow/ice in the bucket of Gnasher to pile it all up in the yard.
Another reason for getting the snow off the track is that we are hoping to get 2 cull ewes off the mart tomorrow morning. The 2 ewes are 2 Scottish Black Faced ones that have been "covered" by Gus 3 times now, which can only mean one thing. They are not in lamb, so we do not to carry them through the rest of the winter. Unfortunately it will mean that we will only have 26 ewes to lamb next year, which is a pain, but can't be helped. Let's hope we get a good price for them as we did last Monday for the 4 fatties we took to the mart.
Last Monday's mart was supposed to be the big Christmas Fat Lamb Mart with over 1600 lambs booked in. Needless to say the snow put paid to that, with many farmers from out laying farms on the Moor well and truly snowed in. Now with the thaw, it will be interesting to see how many sheep and lambs get to the mart.

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