Sunday, 19 December 2010

Ice skating in Wellies....

is fast loosing it's appeal! As we walked the dogs this morning, we delivered our Christmas cards and walking down the road to one of the farms I "measured my length" as they say around here when you slip your full length on the ice. No harm done to me, just felt a bit of an idiot with 2 dogs looking at me.
This week we've had a rapid thaw, followed by freezing winds and low temperatures which have turned the slush into ice. Now we have some more snow, which has covered the ice!
Unlike a lot of people we managed to get a delivery of oil, so we will have heat and able to cook over the festive period.
We managed to get the 2 cull ewes to the mart on Monday and we got the top price for our Scotties so we were very pleased. We're hoping to get 2 more sheep to the mart tomorrow, weather permitting of course.
I also started my new job on Tuesday. The people I'm working with seem really nice and the work is not too demanding, and as I'm just working 19 hours a week I can do my other work on the smallholding as well, so it's the best of both worlds.
As this is the final run up to Christmas and more importantly the shortest day on the 21st, all we seem to get done at the moment is feed the animals, check and fill up their water troughs, fill the wood boxes for the fires, come in for lunch and then out again around 2.30 to check waters again. But once Christmas is over and we're into the New Year the days seem somewhat longer and warmer, and then it's only 8 weeks to lambing........

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Caroline M said...

I've not gone down yet but my shoulders hurt from where I've wheeled my arms around madly in an attempt to stay upright. Have you tried tying socks or bandages over your wellies, the fabric gives you more grip.