Sunday, 9 May 2010

When is the weather going to warm up?

It has been very cold this week. Yesterday I was at Saltburn Farmers Market and we were all saying that it was as cold as if it were October, especially the wind, it was bitter. We all started to pack away before 3pm as we'd all had a very cold and slow day as customers were few and far between.
As the weather has been so cold I've not been able to get any photos of my chickens, they've been out in their run, but not for long, deciding to stay in their hut out of the wind. I shut them in at dusk and they now are all roosting on their perch as they should be. The youngest Sussex has no tail as yet, all the chickens have the startings of their combs and they all still cheep like little chicks!
Holly and Deefa have had their first hair cut of the year. Holly is completely shorn and looks like a small greyhound with "bat ears". Deefa no longer has a "white tutu" round his tail and both dogs smell very "flowery". It won't take Holly long to find something aromatic to roll in.
Despite the cool weather this week I have managed to spend sometime in the veg garden, 6 rows of parsnips have been sown, the contents of 1 compost bin spread on one deep bed and then planted out with some broccoli and summer cabbage plants. The seeds I've sown in the greenhouse are coming through really well and are ready to be hardened off in the cold frame.
We've had to give the ewes and lambs some more grazing on the common land, we've also moved Ghilli and Grommet into their summer paddock and Finn and his mates are quickly eating the grass down in the race and will be moved into the allotment area in the next couple of days. Tim went to a farm sale on Saturday and the main topic of conversation between all the farmers was the lack of grass with many complaining that ewes with lambs were drying up after 6 weeks! Lets hope next week brings some warmer weather to get the grass growing.

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Jon Storey said...

I belive tht I learnt to walk at Saltburn!

There now. That's stunned you hasn't it?