Sunday, 16 May 2010

Holly's hair cut and the chickens

Last Sunday Holly and Deefa visited the doggy hairdresser. Holly has had the "2 penny all off" and now looks like a "tuff dog" with a stick for a tail as opposed to the "fluffy duster" tail she did have. Deefa looks just the same, just with shorter fur.
I finally managed to get some photos of my chickens.
This is one of the Cream Legbar chicks who is the most inquisitive of the four Legbar chicks

These are my 2 Sussex chicks, as you can see the chick between the water container and feeder has no tail, as well as being the youngest of my chickens. The Sussex at the front is the oldest of all the chickens and she is starting to "cluck" like a grown up hen.
The extensions to hen run arrived on Monday, which have been cable tied together as the joiners that were sent with the extra runs didn't seem secure enough. The chicks now have a 12' run to explore, which on Tuesday morning was a little unfortunate for a very big black slug. It stood no chance against 6 chickens!!!!!!

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