Monday, 31 May 2010

The gathering of the clan

This weekend we held an Open Day for our friends. We hold one most years and it gives our friends a "look see" at what we've been up to over the past year and what animals we have got. This year we decided to hold our open day earlier in the year so that everyone can see the lambs, whilst they are still lambs. But no one lingered outside for long as there was a very cold wind.
I did manage to take a couple of photos.

Holly and KD. One or two didn't recognise Holly's new hair cut. We say this cut represents her personality, the "tuff" dog she is. At one point there were 8 dogs here, ranging from a Husky cross down to a Westie and it was Holly who was the "pack leader". Showing them all the best bits of sheep poo to roll in and which ditches were the muddiest to run in!

Our friends Mark and Freylyn and their dogs Lunil (the Husky cross) and Bil (short for Bilbo).
Looks like I've lost my tractor to my godson's own son Robbie.
But my favorite photo of the weekend is this one

Robbie and his Dad, Ben. Robbie is wearing his mum's sunglasses and looking a very "cool dude".
Despite the weather everyone had a good time, with some friends staying over until today. Not being ones to miss an opportunity of extra hands, we decided to give the lambs the first of their Hepotvac injections, as well as weigh them. It took us about 45 mins to inject and weigh the lambs, with one lamb weighing a hefty 25kgs as 6 weeks of age!. Most weigh between the 15 - 20kgs, which considering the winter we've had and the lack of grass the ewes have been on, the lambs are doing very nicely.
Now that job is out of the way, Tim can start to empty the barn of hay and straw, take the sides and roof off, so that he and the Resident Vandal can replace the broken roof joists in a couple of weeks time, when the Resident Vandal is here again. That is, if we can find some roof joists long enough!!!!!

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An Open Day? What a great idea!