Wednesday, 16 December 2009

You cannot be serious!!!!!!

No John McEnroe hasn't taken over my blog, it's my response to the new quote for our farm insurance. Evidently the increase of over £250 is because we sell approx 12 lambs a year to friends for their freezer and I'm selling my fibre at farmers markets and Woolfest etc, which I thought was covered by our farm liability insurance. Needless to say I'm going to get a market trader's policy (£47) and our friends freezer can no longer contain our lamb!!!! Bah humbug!!!!!

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Jon Storey said...

The world has gone mad again!!

Over the years I have often wondered why we small business people get up in the morning. After two years of my ill health, The Children's Mother and I have been looking at 'Smallholding' as a 'wind down' to retirement and permanent infirmity. The only serious problem we have come across is finding a big enough shovel to dig through the mire of officialdom!

Best wishes.