Saturday, 19 December 2009

Snow Pictures

I took these pictures this morning, whilst we were out feeding. This top picture is looking down from the field where the gimmers are to the back field where the ewes are. For us this is not a lot of snow, just a light covering, but I know that a few miles to the west of us, further onto the moors, they have had 8" of snow.
Here are the Gimmers, noses in the feed troughs, just after I had put some sheep feed down. There are not getting a lot of concentrate, but it gets them running to us so we can quickly spot any problems etc, as well as it keeps them tame, so are supposedly easier to handle!!!!
Here are the ewes, with their coloured bums, busy eating their morning feed of sheep concentrate. Rather than feed the ewes a lot of concentrate in the last 6 weeks prior to lambing, which is the usual practice, we feed the same amount of concentrate but over a longer period, which works for us.
Couldn't resist this photo of one of our Blackies, who was pinching hay from the top of the feeder as I was refilling it this morning. We are now checking the hay racks morning and early afternoon to ensure that the sheep have sufficient hay now that the grass is covered with snow.

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Jon Storey said...

The Children's Mother has just peered over my shoulder and became very excited at the sight of your sheep!

Keeping animals is such a pleasure in this weather....!