Saturday, 12 December 2009

A sucessful farmer's market

Today I was at Saltburn Farmer's market. I packed the car last night, as it was an early start this morning (had to be at the market place by 08.00). When I arrived, those of us who's stalls were outside Saltburn station, discovered there were no stalls. The company that were putting up the additional stalls were late, thankfully it all got sorted out and I was more or less ready when the market opened at 9am.
From a selling point of view it was a mixed sort of day, sometimes busy, sometimes quiet. I sold out of gloves thanks to the cold weather, the hats and scarves also sold well. I'd also taken some scarf packs kits (wool, needles and pattern) for people to knit their own, which quite a few are to appear in people's Christmas stockings this year. I did a lot of talking, met some people who went to the Textile Event at Danby back in October, they re-stocked with the fibre they'd bought then. Overall the response from the shoppers was positive and I'm eternally grateful to a member of the York Spinners Guild, who was shopping in Saltburn, by helping out on the stall this afternoon.
It would appear that I've now got a stall at this market next year when it starts again in April - Result - I think is the expression used in this instance.....

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Resident Vandal said...

Excellent news, time things picked up!