Sunday, 20 December 2009

More snow.....

Overnight we have another 3" of snow, which means the snow is now 5" deep, which whilst looks great but is a pig to walk in. I took this photo looking from our top field back to our house.
Deefa in the snow, but if you look at the clouds near the top of this picture, that is a warm front out at sea, as long as the wind comes from the West they will stay out at sea, but if it changes direction, i.e comes in from the East, we will get another fall of snow.
The Hobbit's tree house looking very wintry this morning.
Ghilli and Grommet enjoying the snow from the safety of their shelter
The wood seasoning outside, now under a blanket of snow.

1 comment:

Jon Storey said...

The snow makes the day to day animal stuff a bit of a pain, but it does look good!

Our dogs are having a great time and now that I have found some warm boots for my old toes, so am I..

ps. The Children's Mother tells me that her accountant told her to sell plastic bags, that just happened to contain her Shetland lamb joints!