Sunday, 30 August 2009

Peace reigns.....

Well the Hobbits left on Thursday afternoon with their mum. We really only had one day of bad weather and that was the day of Egton Show, which was a shame as so many people go and so much happens, but between the high winds and the rain, it was very little fun being there, so we all came home mid afternoon to warm up. The 2 high lights of the show were the stall selling very large meringues (they were lovely) and watching our Doctor wrestle with his Teeswater sheep he was showing!!! for which he did manage to win a rosette or two.
We did manage a couple of really good days on Saltburn beech, playing countless games of cricket and some football. Eldest Hobbit managed to get stung by a wasp that crawled up his leg and into his trunks, I don't think I need to elaborate much more as to where exactly he was stung!!!!. The sea goes out for far enough and the only way to keep track of the boys, is to ensure they are wearing brightly coloured T shirts and a pair of binoculars. We've watched all of the Harry Potter DVDs and played countless games of monopoly (the shortened version) and Sorry, backed biscuits for dogs and humans. Youngest Hobbit has made countless paper airplanes, which I'm still finding in the Dining Room, they are everywhere. It was a great few days with them, but no sooner had they left, then the following day Resident Vandal arrived with KD. More about what we got up to and the rest of the Bank Holiday work tomorrow.

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