Sunday, 9 August 2009

Coming to our ewes in November

This is Spotty Dog a Suffolk ram lamb. He's one of a fellow smallholder, Jayne's pet lambs. He didn't have a great start in life, a suspect broken rib, which made his breathing very laboured. But with some good homeopathic medicine and some TLC, he's now fighting fit. We're going to use him in conjunction with Finn, we're not sure which ewes he'll cover, we'll make a decision in October when Spotty Dog and Finn are a little bit older.
Not really done a lot this week. On Friday we went to Hinderwell Horse and Agricultural Show, it was a pleasant way to spend part of the day looking at the stalls and watching the horses being shown.
Today, I dug up the winter onions and put them in the shed to dry, along with the garlic. The shallots have not done a great deal, but the beetroot is starting to mature nicely, which I'm going to have a go at making some sweet and sour beetroot, as well as pickling the smaller ones. The French beans have done very little, there were enough beans for tea tonight, but that was the whole harvest. The potatoes still amaze with how much they have produced. A couple of plants dug up is all that we need for our evening meal. I'm having a continual battle with the cabbage white butterflies laying their eggs on the sprouts and cabbages, so far I'm winning, but for how long I'm not sure.
I've finally got the last of the fibre photos done for the soybean, banana, silk, rammie (nettle) and merino mixes. I must put these descriptions on to my on-line shop. A job for next week.
Tim has modified an old water butt so that I can put comfrey leaves in to collect the liquid to create a great liquid feed, smelly as it is, but watered down and used on the veg and tomato plants the effect is startling.
Next week the Hedge laying Hollands are here to do the scything that should have happened a few weeks back. It will be a long and hot, but satisfying day..

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