Sunday, 23 August 2009

The Hobbits arrive but the Alpaca shearer doesn't!!!

The Alpaca shearer was booked to call either on Monday or Friday, but he hasn't turned up, no phone call, no message, nothing, If we leave it much longer the boys will not have enough fleece on them to protect them for the winter, and if I wait until next year, the fleece will be too long for processing. Needless to say I'm not impressed!!! Anyone got the name and number of a reliable shearer?
The Hobbits arrived on Saturday afternoon and so far we've played 2 games of Sorry and Monopoly, several games of Top Trumps, watched the first 2 Harry Potter Films, with the youngest Hobbit hiding behind the sofa with his hands over his ears at the scary bits. 3 games of cricket, Deefa was the umpire, moved Ghilli & Grommet back into their paddock, Finn, Fleecy and Fluffy in with Cecil and Archie, put up some hurdles to give the "marauding munchers" (aka this years lambs), a bit more grazing. I'm shattered and they don't go home until Thursday!!!!!
This morning we went to visit fellow smallholder, Jayne who has just got a new 8 week old Gorden Setter puppy, called Poppy. Here she is sat on the grass in the sunshine. My handbag wasn't big enough to sneak her home.
I've dug up some of the potatoes that have blighted tops, thankfully they are O.K, but I doubt if they will store very well. But that's not a problem, we will have them eaten before theygo into store. The leeks are hiding amongst the weeds, so I will need to get there and try and rescue them. The sprouts, cabbages and sweetcorn are doing really well.
Tomorrow, if the weather is fine, we're off to the beech, so bread buns have been made ready for the pack up, with both bread makers being brought into action. Later in the week we're off to Egton Show, looking forward to meeting up with friends, seeing the sheep, horses and cattle. Hopefully the weather will hold....

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