Sunday, 2 August 2009

A mixed weekend

Tim has finally got the pipe from the well into the allotment, complete with tap, as well as putting another tap by the shed. He's also got the wire for the electrics to power the pump in the well, into the shed, so by Saturday he was shattered. As the weather was a bit inclement, i.e wet, we had a run around day, getting some more dog, cat and alpaca feed and then spending the afternoon listening to the 50's sci fi radio drama "Journey into Space". The recording at times is a bit suspect, but on the whole, it's great to listen to.
We're now starting to crop some of the veg that is ready. The Broad Beans are now finished, but the potatoes are just starting. This is what I dug up from 2 plants. Not bad considering I didn't earth them up
I baked some more of the ginger biscuits that Tim likes, and just to annoy the Resident Vandal, here is a photo of them. The top ones have white chocolate drops in them. The bottom ones are the ginger biscuits.
One other job we did today was to move the lambs around. Finn and his mates, Fleecy and Fluffy are now in the allotment, busy eating the grass down. The only downside is that the grass is so lush that this morning I had to "dag" out Finn as he's got rather a "pooy" bum. We also too the opportunity to worm these 3 and given their fleeces a quick squirt with Crovect, just to protect them against Blow Fly strike.
The other 34 lambs that have been grazing on the common land, are now in the paddock next to Finn and his mates, busily eating away as the overgrown grass and docks. They will be through it in a couple of weeks, then Tim will be able to give that paddock a quick "hair cut" with the topper and it will be ready for the autumn. Where has this year gone........

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Resident Vandal said...

Suitably annoyed, thank you!