Sunday, 20 April 2008

Hedge laying weekend and more lambs

Yesterday we had a day's hedge laying with the hedge laying Hollands, and fwe finished the hedge between us and common land, and I have to say it looks really good and neat. So hopefully over the coming years it will re-sprout and grow into a really thick hedge that the sheep can use for protection against the elements.
7 lambs have been born this week from 4 ewes and the running total is now 29 lambs, 14 ewes, 15 tups (ram) lambs and this coming week should see the end of the majority of lambs to be born, with the 3 Wiltshire Horn ewes are due the middle of May. A little late for us, but they are only young.
We have decided that the current lambing barn is too small and if we can widen it by another 7ft, we can add another run of 5 lambing pens so that if we have a lot of ewes due at the same time and the weather turns nasty, we've got the space to keep everyone inside. But before we can do that it will mean talking to the National Parks Planning department and submitting new plans!!!!!!!!!!!! More paperwork.
On the subject of paperwork. Our single farm supplement paperwork arrived last week. It's mostly pre-populated, but it's still to be checked, signed and copied before sending back to Defra. We've also got the Common Land registration paperwork to sort out, so that on the Common Land register it shows our name against Meadowcroft Farm. To which we've been to see the solicitor, got the paperwork sworn and signed, now all that is needed is some papers from the land registry to prove transfer of ownership, which in turn should prove ownership of the mineral rights associated with our property and then we can talk to Cleveland Potash company about the lease and rental for the minerals etc. All very involved and complicated, but hopefully I can get it sorted out this year!!!!!!
Just occasionally a boring life would be wonderful................

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