Sunday, 13 April 2008

An empty barn

The forecast for today was fine so we decided that all the mums and lambs that were in the barn, should go out into the field along with Lilly, who is still showing no signs of giving up her lamb(s). So this has given us the opportunity to put down clean straw in all the lambing pens and the barn, so everything is ready for the next wave of lambs due between the 19th and 23rd.
It seems strange but we are not halfway through lambing and I've already put adverts together for any lambs and meat we will have for sale later in the year for the shows that the North Yorkshire Smallholders will be attending.
As the weather has been so pleasant today I managed to get some veg planted in my veg garden. Red onion sets, parsnips and beetroot. I also sowed some leek seeds into potting compost though I will need some more potting compost for the sweetcorn seeds.
It's only a short post today as most of what has happened over the past week have been the 11 lambs that have been born.
The tally so far is 22 lambs from 12 ewes, all the lambs are full of life and so far we are not disappointed with what has been born.
Next ewe to lamb is Berniece on the 16th.......

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