Sunday, 20 April 2008

Cicely has twins but rejects one

When Tim went into the barn this morning, he initially thought that Cicely had just had one lamb, until we were both stood in the barn watching the sheep and lambs as we do, when Tim noticed a lamb trying to sneak some milk from another ewe. When he picked it up, the lamb and it's umbilical cord was still damp. So it was a new lamb and it could only be Cicely's. When we put this lamb back into the pen, Cicely initially took to the lamb, but then started to butt her out of the way. So we've borrowed a "lamb adopter" to put Cicely in.
The lamb adopter holds the ewe's head so that she can't butt the lambs, but they can still drink from her. Cicely can get to her water and feed, stand and sit, but not move from side to side. It looks a bit weird, but works and as the lamb is hers we should only have to keep her in the "adopter" for a couple of days and then everything should be O.K . But another ewe and tup lamb. The lamb in the picture with the purple spot is the ewe lamb that Cicely has rejected.

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