Sunday, 6 April 2008

A hectic week with the Hobbits and lambs

The hobbits went home on Friday lunch time and despite their young age, they have been a great help with the lambs and helping "doing jobs", especially when it involves using the tractor. We both enjoy having them to stay, but by the end of the week we are both shattered and on Friday afternoon we both though we had gone deaf!!! Holly and Deefa are missing them, they keep going into the spare room to see where they are!!!
As you will have read on previous blogs, to date we've had 9 lambs from 7 ewes, and apart from Brazil requiring a little bit of assistance all the lambs so far have arrived into the world without any problems.
Already the lambs are taking on their own personalities, the first ewe to be born has been nick named Bandit, because of her face markings, and she is living up to her name, trying to pinch milk from all the other mums. Apart from Brazil's little boy they other 4 ram lambs are so lazy, just eating and sleeping.
The weather this weekend has changed for the worse, and in fact it's snowing now as I write this blog. We checked on the ewes earlier and all of the new mums and their lambs are snug in the barn. We've put Ariadne and Missy into lambing pens. Ariadne is due on the 8th and Missy on the 9th, but with the weather being a bad as it is for the next few days, the last thing we want is lambs to be born outside. Lilly and Anya have still to lamb, Lilly is 2 days over due, Anya was due today.
Will post pictures of lambs as they are born

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