Thursday, 22 March 2012

Triplets and a mothering on! - Hopefully!!!

This afternoon Abi had her lambs. All 3 of them. She'd started to prolapse and had, had a "spoon fitted. She managed to deliver this gimmer lamb on her own. She has been called Isobel by our god daughter Abbi, who Abi is named after.
This little gimmer lamb, called India. Had to be delivered by Tim and was still in her water sac, which took some tearing apart to release her, but she seems not to be too traumatised by her ordeal
And finally Igor, the tup lamb, who hopefully we have managed to mother on to a Scottie who has had a single gimmer lamb around 9pm this evening. When we left the barn around 10.30 the Scottie mum seems to have taken to Igor, along with her own lamb. The next 24 hours will tell.

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