Friday, 23 March 2012

More triplets and pet lambs

We finally got to bed at 3am this morning as just when we thought it was safe to leave the sheep, Allium started to go into lamb. Her first lamb was born just after midnight, with the final lamb being born at around 2am. Allium had 2 gimmer lambs and a tup lamb. This morning we removed the tup lamb into the pet lamb area.

Here is Allium with her remaining twin gimmer lambs.
This is her tup lamb in the pet lamb area, he's called Ivan.

Last night I said that we had hope that the Scottie ewe that had had one gimmer lamb would "mother on" Abi's tup lamb. Well she didn't and last night he became the first inmate of the pet lamb area, under the heat lamb. But then later this morning we had to move the Scottie's gimmer lamb into the pet lamb area as it became clear that this ewe had no milk. We suspect this is because her lamb was born 7 days early.
This is the Scottie's gimmer lamb, with very floppy ears and very soft fleece, who despite her tiny stature, mugs the other 2 tup lambs for the milk bottle. A born survivor!

And finally this is Abi's tup lamb in the pet lamb area, he's had such a traumatic first day of this life, but in spite of this is by far the most vocal of the pet lambs.

Next lambs are due on Tuesday, but with sheep anything can happen

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