Sunday, 20 November 2011

Another Market and a bargain Spinning Wheel

Yesterday I was at Botton Market, it's one I've not been to before, but despite it being outside, (I managed to get a stall in the sun), and a little bit off the beaten track, it was a fairly sucessful market, so I will be back there in December, the weekend before Christmas.
All this weekend in Danby, there have been two Christmas Fairs, one at the Village Hall, run by Esk Valley Enterprses, which we felt was a bit of a let down, the stalls were nothing outstanding and very "samey", which I think gives Craft/Christmas Markets a bad name.
The second of the Christmas Fairs was at the Danby Moors Centre and a couple of friends had stalls as this fair. Whilst we were looking at the stalls we found this spinning wheel

It's an old Ashford Traditional, in need of some TLC, which, after some haggling I bought for a 10th of the price of a new Traditional. Ashford do repair/maintenace kits, so we've ordered one, along with some oil to treat and feed the wood.
The flyer is going to take quite a bit of work as it's very rusty, but I have found a new one on the internet for not silly money, which if we have to buy will mean that for less than £50.00 we've been able to repair this wheel. The only other thing I will have to buy are some bobbins. Once the wheel is repaired Tim is talking about having a go at spinning?

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Freyalyn said...

It'll be perfectly easy to replace all the hooks on the flyer - I think there's some in the Ashford kit, and I've seen ordinary little hooks from hardware stores used. It looks like one from the late 60s/early 70s from the shape of the maidens - a new flyer will give you a higher ratio which Tim may not want anyway. A stretchy driveband will be easier to use. And use fine crochet cotton for the brake band rather than fishing line!