Sunday, 18 April 2010

Other stuff that's got done whilst waiting for the lambs

As the weather has been so dry and fine, it's been good to be out and about. I've taken the time to get on with some seed planting in the greenhouse and veg garden. I recon that I'm about a month behind with my seed planting. So far I've managed to sow in pots in the greenhouse, peas, brussel sprouts, summer and winter cabbage, leeks and tomatoes, and then today I finally got my seed potatoes planted out in the deep beds. I also cut the grass in the wooded area for the first time this year and used the clipping to mulch out the newly planted potatoes. I'm hoping this week that I can get my parsnip seeds sown as the soil is now warm enough.
We've also managed to get all of the chopped wood split and stacked away in the shed. Now just need to get the rest of the wood pile chopped so that we can get it split and stacked away ready for next winter. It's not even summer and we're already planning for winter!!!!!!!!!!

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