Saturday, 24 April 2010

10 lambs born this week!!!!

Well actually it's 12, Anya had hers today and just as I'm starting to do the blog one of the Scotties has given birth.
Anyway here's the role call so far this week,
Bernice with her ewe lamb born on late on Monday night
Here is Cicely with her twins, one of each a ewe and a tup lamb, born early Tuesday morning
This Scottie with her tup lamb born on Wednesday
Also on Wednesday, Beatrix with her 2 tup lambs. The first time she's had twins
On Thursday evening, Tim had to chase this Scottie, down the field with the lamb's head hanging out. A leg was back and one pulled forward he was born, no trouble at all. For the first 24hours we were giving this little man a bottle as his mum's milk had not "come down". But she's feeding him fine now.
This tup lamb was born Friday lunch time. But today he's not very well, he has a loud rattle on his chest. But a couple of shots of antibiotics should pick him up. We've also given his mum a shot as well in case she's carrying something in her milk to make him ill. This evening the "rattle" is a little quieter.
Finally, ear;y this morning, with no problems, Abbi gave birth to twin lambs, a ewe and a tup. The lambs were up and suckling and look to all the world as if there were several days old.
Anya and a Scottie have had lambs today, but I've not had chance to take photos. These will be posted tomorrow, hopefully.
Only 4 ewes left to lamb. We should finish lambing on Wednesday and it can't come soon enough!!!!

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