Sunday, 18 April 2010

Latest Lamb pictures

Early on Friday morning one of the Scottish Black Face sheep gave birth and when Tim did the 5am check he had 2 lambs and 2 mums claiming them. He got them all into the barn and by the time I came to help, the right mum had both her lambs. The other Scotty was quickly evicted from the barn, but continued to respond to any lamb that called all day. We did check her but she had not given birth and so we expected her to have her lambs pretty soon, but so far nothing.

These are 2 more tup lambs
On Friday Sharon and Chris came for the weekend as Sharon wanted some "hands on" lambing experience. Predictably not a lot happened, though Missy obliged and produced twin lambs, totally unassisted early Saturday morning
The spotty lamb in front is a ewe, with the tup lamb behind. Both are great "clod hopping" lambs. Unless something drastic happens we will be keeping the ewe lamb to add to our breeding flock. It's a pity we don't know anyone who wants a new tup, as this little man has the looks of a great tup.
No more ewes have lambed today, I think they are all waiting for tomorrows arrival of the Resident Vandal!!!!!!!

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