Saturday, 6 March 2010

Shed Demolition

This shed is in one corner of our yard and has slowly begun to lean more and more towards the fence and when Tim knocked the door off it's hinges when he tried to get in, we decided it was time to take it down. We thought it would take no time at all, how wrong we were!!!! It took all of Thursday afternoon.
This is the floor of the old shed, a patchwork of plywood sheets, and you can see how the wood at the front has rotted away

Once the floor was taken up we could see at once why the shed learnt so. There was no support under the base for it to rest on, and what support there was, hardly touched the ground.
The bonfire on Friday afternoon was spectacular and was still smouldering this morning, despite the overnight rain.
Where the shed stood is going to be where the wood we cut out of the hedges when we start to lay them in August, will be left to season, totally out of the way!!!!

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Jon Storey said...

A good bit of demolition and a fire too! A very satisfying day....!