Sunday, 14 March 2010

The Girls are out in the sunshine

As the weather has been so nice recently we decided that the best place for the ewes was outside in the sun, so the girls are now able to get out to the grazing area at the side of the lambing barn and should the weather turn really nasty again we can quickly put them back in the barn.

Ariadne (stood in the middle of the photo) has only a month to go and is looking very heavy. Bets are on as to whether she is going have quads. She's had triplets the last 2 years!!!
This is Frea and Brazil in the other barn, you can just see Abbi in the background. They too are enjoying the sun.
This week the ewes had their pre lambing check up. They were given a wormer (even though the worm count result was low, but the vet felt that knowing the worm problems we've had in the past it was better to be safe this time round) a heptovac injections and most had their feet trimmed. We will have another look at their feet once they have lambed. We also moved Abbi in with Frea, Brazil and Amy as she is not due to lamb for a full month after everyone else.
Tim had a check up at James Cook hospital on Thursday and he's been discharged, or as Tim likes to say "He's been expelled from the hospital", which is great. He's been told to get on with his life and that he's been an ideal patient after such an unusual injury. Will seem strange not having to go to James Cook hospital it's been so much part of our life for the past 15 months.
From the hospital we went on to visit our friends, and fellow smallholders, in Teesdale. We had a lovely day walking round the smallholding and looking at their Teeswater sheep, hens and just generally chatting about smallholding things in general.
Yesterday was the first of the season's Farmer's Markets at Saltburn. Thankfully it stayed fine and after a quiet start I had a good day. This month I'm attending 2 Farmer's Markets, the one yesterday, at Saltburn, and a new market at Stockton at the end of the month. Hopefully that will go just as well as yesterday did.
But roll on Tuesday as that is when my new tractor arrives!!!!!

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