Sunday, 28 March 2010

The calm before the storm....

Metaphorically speaking, this is the quiet period before the ewes lamb, there is not a lot to do, just make sure they are O.K and to keep a careful eye on them for the early signs of twin lamb disease. These last couple of weeks the weather has been kind to us and the ewes have enjoyed being out in the sun and the warmth, but next week the forecast is not so good, some are predicting sleet!!!!! Just what we don't need in the final run up to lambing.
I've been very busy sorting out my fibre store. Tim came up with the great idea that I get a cheap pricing gun so that I could bundle up all my fibre into the weights that I sell it at and then as and when I take it to markets/shows, quickly price up the ones that I'm taking. But in order to get to that great state, for the last week or so the dining room has been lost under a sea of boxes, bags and fibre. Virtually all of the fibre is labelled now and has already made life a lot easier for me as I've had 3 very quick fibre orders to send out this week, which took no time in putting together and then parcelling up.
Work with the Employment Tribunal is starting, I've got 4 observation days to do before I can sit on the panel and listen to a case, which I hope to be in a position to start doing in May. I have to let the "listings" team know my availability for May, June and July. The Regional Judge will then allocate me (and everyone else) to cases for that period.
Well I think that's it for this week's update, the Hobbits arrive at Easter for the week and our first lambs are due to arrive on the 3rd April and from 26 ewes we will be pleased if we get a lambing %age of 150%, giving us 39 lambs. Anything over 40 will be a real bonus.


Jon Storey said...

Hope the lambing goes well, our local Purple Faced Farmer has been having a bit of a torrid time with his ewes.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with lambing, you will be busy! Can the Hobbits lamb? I bet they have lovely little hands LOL