Sunday, 24 January 2010

Veg seeds arrive and some interesting purchases!

A couple of weeks ago I finally sorted out all the veg seeds I had. Some were left over from last year and some from a seed swap. But I still had a big gap in what veg I wanted to grow. So I placed an order with Marshalls Seeds. Normally I get my veg seeds from various places as and when I see the packets on sale, but this year I've decided to be more organised. I've also ordered my second early and main crop potatoes from Marshalls as well because there was so much choice and the potatoes I grow must be blight resistance. Each year I always like to try a new veg or variety of veg I've grown for a while and this year is no exception. I'm trying sea kale. It's supposed to be cooked like asparagus. Something we both like. So we shall see. But now that I've got all my veg seeds I can't wait for the warmer days so I can start and get some seeds sown.
On Thursday we went to LAMMA 10 (the big tractor and machinery show near Newark) to look at tractors for smallholders, something that I can drive. Well we've put a deposit on a small tractor, it arrives at the end of March and when it does I will tell you all about it.
But that was not the only thing we bought! I've bitten the bullet and bought a hen house with run from Solway Recycling and it arrives within the next 10 - 14 days!! Yesterday we were visiting friends in York who keep chickens and they have lent me their books on Keeping Chickens and Chicken Breeds. I've narrowed it down to the 2 breeds of chicken I would like to keep, the Cream Legbar or the Araucana, both of which lay blue or green eggs. I did toy with the idea for a while of keeping Quail, but I think for the time being I would like to keep chickens. Now just to find a reputable breeder!!!!!!


Jayne said...

How exciting to be getting chickens and a tractor sounds like you are gearing up for spring. I looking forward to seeing the chicks.

Rob @ Wellground said...

We have both of those breeds, nice coloured eggs. But not as tasty as those from our Marans.


Jon Storey said...

I have some Goldline hens among others, and they produce excellent brown, rich eggs, I will definitely have some more and will be trying some Light Sussex next. Mine run free so I need breeds that don't wander too far.

ps. Can I covert your new tractor?