Sunday, 19 July 2009

A wet weekend with the Hobbits

The Hobbits arrived on Friday evening, travelling home with me on the train. we nearly missed our connection at Middlesbrough, partly due to the weather and a train being stuck in the station, so it was a fast run down the stairs, along the underpass, up the stairs onto the other platform and onto the waiting Whitby train.
As we travelled along the Esk Valley home it was very easy to see how much rain had fallen in the last 24 hours, the river was boiling.
The original plan had been to treat the Hobbits to Fish and Chips in Whitby, but we decided to scrap that idea and get home as quickly as possible.
So what do you do with 2 young Hobbits on a wet Saturday? You bake of course. A quick look in the W.I biscuit book and in next to no time we had a dozen ginger biscuits waiting to be cooked, followed by 2 trays full of dog biscuits. Whilst they watch Men in Black 2, the biscuits were cooked. The ginger biscuits were ready to eat with the mid morning drink, and because they were so moreish, a second batch "just had to be made" so the Uncle Tim had some to eat during the week, along with some plain biscuits to take home to mum and dad. Unfortunately they too had to be tasted to ensure they were of the exacting standard young hobbits insist of biscuits, which meant that only 3 managed to make it all the way home.
The dogs are enjoying their biscuits, after they too were quality checked, (eaten) by youngest hobbit, who was non plus about them. I hasten to add the dog biscuits are made from tuna, oats, eggs, flour and oats, so nothing nasty in them at all for a young hobbit.
The afternoon was spent watching the Tour de France, for which the Tour de Fleece I've managed so far to spin 900g of fibre, that's ample to knit the jacket I have in mind.
We took the hobbits home this morning, eldest hobbit had a birthday party to attend, and we spent a pleasant afternoon catching up with hobbit's parents and the Savage family, who are grieving the loss of Hamish, thier westie and grandma, all of which happened whilst they were on holiday. Sometimes life is horrible. But I did get to cuddle "the robster" eldest godson's little boy who's now a good 3 months old and just starting to smile. How can you be sad when a little baby giggles and smiles at you. My knitting needles have been busy, I've knitted him a little coat, which in the rush this morning I forgot to pick up. No doubt I will see him again before the summer is out.
Next weekend the shearing party arrive, let's hope we have fine weather towards the back end of the week so the sheep's fleece is dry.

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Resident Vandal said...

Uncle Tim didn't mention the biscuits while I was talking to him! Shame on Uncle Tim!!!