Sunday, 12 July 2009

Veg Garden, and getting ready for Winter

Tim has finally managed to get all the fence post in around the veg garden, and you may be able to see at the back of the photo a blue pipe. This is being connected to our spring with a pump. The idea being I can use it to water the veg garden

As Tim has been getting the barn ready for shearing in a couple of weeks time, we decided that the best place for the old bedding etc is to put them on the deep beds that I won't be using until next year. So we spent a very midge biting evening shovelling manure onto the beds, but the effort will be worth it.

These are my winter onions and as you can see they are nearly ready and a good size. Hopefully they taste as good as they look

One other veg I'm also please with is my bulb fennel, we had some yesterday, roasted with some other veg, and very tasty they were. We've also been eating the broad beans, and today a first cutting of broccoli.
As I said in the title, getting ready for Winter. Today we collected 90 bales of hay which is now stacked in the barn, another 150 are arriving later next week. The bales were very heavy, even for Scooby!!!! so they are well packed and smell very sweet. Should be a good feed for the animals this coming winter.
The second thing I did, in prep for winter, was start and chop wood ready for splitting. I need to cut enough wood so that both sides of the cow byre are full. So it looks like I will be coming home from work and spending an hour most evenings, and the same most weekends, cutting wood, to ensure we have sufficient wood for about 6 months.
Tim went to see the consultant last week, who is still very pleased with his progress. We also now understand why the swelling isn't going down as fast as Tim hoped. To put it in the consultants words "you not only mushed the bones, which I can rebuild, but the blood capillaries are a different matter, and they are responsible for pumping the blood back etc." The down side is that his hand will feel the cold in winter. Tim was asked if he was self conscious about the skin graft, which he's not, but it does make getting gloves on a problem. So we are back on the 7th Jan to discuss an operation to reduce Tim's skin graft. All bets are off that Tim has the op at lambing time!!!!!!
Next week the Hobbits arrive!!!!!!!

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