Sunday, 19 July 2009

Hay safely gathered in

Having a quiet cup of coffee with a friend on Thursday lunch time, when my mobile phone rang, it was Scooby, frantically trying to get hold of Tim. The forecast for Friday was awful, so our hay was being baled and needed to be brought undercover that night. I managed to get hold of Tim and he went off to help Scooby. I booked the afternoon off work and when I got to Saltburn station, (14 miles from home) it was tipping down. Thankfully when I got home it was dry and Tim and Scooby had just led in the first trailer load of hay. A quick change and I went back with the lads to help load the rest of the hay. We'd hoped for around 150 bales of hay, in fact there was 280!!!!!
A second load of hay was quickly stacked and whilst Tim and I took this load home, Scooby loaded hay onto his trailer to stack in the shed at the field. We got home, unloaded the hay in the barn, not stacked and set off for a 3rd load, to find that 5 minutes up the road, it was raining, but 5 minutes later it wasn't and thankfully it was still fine where we were the hay was, though the sky was a menacingly black!!!!
A third load of hay was loaded in double quick time and taken home. Tim had just backed the trailer into the large barn when the heavens opened.
It has rained off and on all weekend, very heavily, but we don't care the hay is in and under cover. Now it just needs to be stacked and space found for the extra 50 bales (80 bales of hay left in the shed on the hay field). Trouble is 70 bales of straw should be ready for us to collect in a couple of weeks time and where that was to go in the large barn, the extra hay is going!!!!!!
Any one know where I can get/or transform the barn into a tardis (aka Dr Who type) so I can store all the winter bedding and feed?

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