Sunday, 11 May 2008

Sun bathing Alpacas and the vet calls

The weather this week has been glorious and looks like it is going to be the same for next week. With the weather been so warm one of the more unusual sights is that of our two alpacas laid on their backs, to all intents and purposes, sunbathing. All they needed to complete the scene were sun glasses, a deck chair and a glass of Pimms each!!!!!
Brazil's ram lamb started limping again, so we decided to call the vet. The diagnosis is an abscess just below the knee joint, where the infection is not coming out, so he's on a course of different antibiotics, which will make the abscess "mature", and sure enough it is, because tonight when I had a look at his leg, there is a definite swelling just below the knee joint, so hopefully by the time the course of antibiotics has been administered, it will finally clear up.
The fine weather this week has enable Tim to put in the pipework and drains so that the rain water from the barns and garage now goes straight into the drains rather that wander all over the yard. But in order to hide the pipes etc, he's had to build a wall in front of the retaining wall for the yard, the space in between to be filled with soil to become a herb area.
As the ewes and lambs have eaten the grass down on the common land we decided to move them into the back field (where I can see them as I sit and write the blog), but before they could be moved, we had to repair the holes and gaps in the fence line. Trouble is in order to repair the fence we have to scramble down a steep slope to the edge of the stream, where the bank then drops very steeply. Knocking in new fence posts is a challenge, as well as attaching the old fencing to the new posts, at one point, Tim was stood in front of a post, holding the wire, I had to hammer the staple in, trouble is, I height I was hitting the staple was the height of Tim's groin!!!! The reason why the fence needs repairing is that the bank is slowly being eroded away every time the stream floods. Anyway the fence is secure for the time being.
We've also moved Charlie, Hector and their respective minders (Cecil, Archie, Angus and Alex) into a new paddock, the one Ghilli and Grommet will be going into in a couple of weeks time, but before that we want the sheep to eat the grass and docks down.
Now that some of the paddocks are empty, the weather is right to enable us to carry out some grass management in the shape of spreading fertiliser and grass track (a mineral supplement) and selective weed spraying of thistles, dock and nettles. I think we need a 48 hour day...........

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