Sunday, 12 February 2012

Snow, flooding, cocktail party and a walk on the beech

It's been quite a week. We have had some snow, but nothing like what we had last winter and what some parts of the country have had this week. We've had about an inch of snow, if that, and the coldest we've been is -3.5, though the wind chill has made it feel a lot cooler.
On Saturday our friends Frayalyn and Mark, along with their dogs Lunil & Bill, came for the weekend. We had just sat down to Freyalyn's amazing currys, and I had popped back into the kitchen to retrieve some more naan breads, when I heard running water, and was faced with water running from the shower room into the passage and quickly spreading in the direction of the office and utility room. The tap connector to the sink had blown apart, hence all the water. Thankfully Tim has fitted all the sinks, bath and loos with water shut off valves, so he was able to turn off the water to this sink and we all left our curry's and armed with mops and towels, spent the next 15 minutes or so mopping up the water. Once most of the water had been mopped up we returned to the dining room to our curry's. Tim was first into the dining room and all we heard was him shout HOLLY!!!!!
She was helping herself to 3 plates of lamb curry!!!! Thankfully Freyalyn had made plenty so there was still plenty for the rest of us to eat. In our haste, and panic, we forgot that Holly is a rescue dog and despite being with us for the last 8 years, any unguarded food is fair game as far as Holly is concerned.
After the excitement of the flooding and curry eating dog, Freyalyn and I were invited to a Cocktail Party, one of my knitting club friends, Carol's birthday party, and of course we all had to take our knitting! It was a pleasant evening in good company and not too much alcohol was consumed, though it transpired that we were not the only ones who had, had to deal with a flooding, Carol too had to deal with a flood that morning.
This morning we woke up to a thaw, what ever snow we had, had gone, though where the snow had been walked on and had formed ice, the melting snow had made some of the yard into a skating ring, with Lunil & Deefa doing very good impersonations of Bambi on ice.
After our usual hearty breakfast of bacon, sausage, egg, black pudding and toast, we went for a walk on the beech at Runswick Bay, low tide being mid-day, so we were able to have a good long walk. After the snow and ice we have had it was interesting to see how many new boulders there were on the beech, you could see where they had hit the sand and bounced down the beech.
Here are a couple of photos of a recent cliff fall, the seaweed, debris from the recent high tide. The dogs all seemed to enjoy their time on the beech, though Deefa did disgrace himself by having a go at Lunil. He really doesn't like the idea of any dog not walking close to their owners. He's a typical sheepdog, we should all be rounded up and walking nicely!!!!!
It's been a good week and hopefully next week we should be picking up the Camper Van.

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Freyalyn said...

Well, it wasn't really a 'go', more of a stern word. And he bit his own lip, so Deefa was the one to suffer! We had a lovely time, thank you. And what a quick post.