Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sheep pre-natal check up

As the first of our sheep is due to lamb on the 14th March, just over 5 weeks away. Now is the time we give the pregnant ewes their final pedicure, wormer and pre-natal check up. Thankfully, due to the mild weather we've been having recently, the ewes are in good condition, which considering their ages, ranging from 3 to 7+ years, is a good thing to see. Now is the time to start giving the ewes some feed concentrate, we give them one that is high is glucose to help against twin lamb disease, and by the time the majority of the ewes lamb at the end of March, they will be given a 1lb of feed each. We have been giving them some feed concentrate since we put the tup in. We always do, as it gives us a good chance to watch the ewes come to the feed troughs and we can quickly spot any problems as well as who's been covered by the tup. Now the feed troughs have been moved into the lambing barn to get the ewes used to being in the barn again as well as us moving amongst them, though as far as Allium is concerned, there is no way she is coming into the barn whilst we are there. She is like this every year, when she's in lamb!

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