Sunday, 28 August 2011

That Autumnal feel...

There certainly is a feel of autumn in the air and after 22mm+ of rain on Friday, and Saturday being not much better I was hoping that today I could spend some much needed time in the veg garden. But with the wind blowing at around 20mph, that put paid to that idea.

I decided to catch up on some in door jobs and something that has been "haunting" my sewing machine for a few months now are some small bags made out of curtain material to hold your latest knitting project etc, to make.

Here are the finished bags, both of which are lined I had enough left over curtain material to make 4 of these bags
I found this material in the bottom of a drawer, of which there was enough material to make 2 bags. I originally cut out 3 bags, but I ran out of the curtain liner I was using to line the bags, so the second and slightly larger bag has the same frog material inside and out.

The bags measure approx. 11" x 12" and I've squared off the bottom slightly so that they look better.

Will be posting them for sale on Folksy tonight. Let's hope they sell quicker than I took to make them.

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